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3 Reasons why you should file your income taxes electronically and early:

1.  Get your Refund back quicker!  If you wait and file your income taxes during peak season, (late February - mid March), you may experience refund delays.  During peak season, the IRS processes millions of tax returns and the high volume could result in longer waits.

2.    Accuracy!  Filing early can insure that mistakes can be corrected quickly.  Your tax pro can identify common mistakes like (birthdates, social security numbers, and misspelling of last names), and correct them quickly.  Who wants to file and find out two weeks later that there was a mistake?

3.    Get An Advance!  Gibson's Tax Service is offering a New Program where qualifying customers can receive between $500 - $6000 of their tax refund in advance.  That is right!  You could file your taxes and walk out the door with cash in hand.  If you claim Earned Income Credit or Child Tax Credit, your refund is going to be delayed for a few days or even weeks.  Why wait till late February to get your refund with Turbo Tax or other software when you can get money as soon as the IRS opens.